Conde Nast Traveller's 
"9 Beautiful Homestays in Coorg".

Conde Nast Traveller's
"9 Beautiful Homestays in Coorg".
Vaishnavi Estate Homestay, nestled in our serene 70-acre coffee plantation, offers a peaceful escape into nature's lush greenery and beauty. Our cottages provide a cosy and intimate stay, ensuring you enjoy the serenity. Here, you can witness the fascinating journey of our Robusta coffee - from picking to roasting and grinding. Savour the rich flavours of our freshly brewed coffee while enjoying delicious home-cooked meals that add a warm, personal touch to your visit. At Vaishnavi Estate, unwind amidst nature, immerse yourself in the coffee experience, and feel completely at home.

A quiet vacation in a large coffee estate

  • Just 3 Cottages in 70 Acres

  • Peaceful & Safe

  • Live the Coffee-Life!

3 Cottages in 70 Acres

Main Bungalow

Coffee Cottage

Gowramma Cottage


Main Bungalow

Short write up about the main bungalow

Expansive views

Recognized by CN Traveller as one of the 9 most beautiful homestays in Coorg.

110 Year Old Cottage!

Built to honour Victoria Gowramma, the princess of Coorg

More features to love

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    20% Off on Weekdays!

    Or for longer stays
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    Just 3 others to contend with

    You can book the whole property if you are looking for complete privacy
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    Peace & Coffee Guaranteed!

100+ year old rose wood dining table. Ideal place to enjoy home cooked meals.
Chat up in the living room!

Frequently asked 

Is the property available on my dates?

All current information is available on our Airbnb page. 

Is the property located near popular tourist places?

When your order ships you will receive another email with tracking information (if available).

What is the cancellation policy?

We offer 100% refund in the case of genuine cancellations. Request guests to let us know at least 10 days ahead of time so that we can try to offer the place to someone else. Holiday planning is always done in advance - so the maximum amount of lead time helps us as well. 

How often are the rooms cleaned?

After every client leaves the place is cleaned. In keeping with our philosophy of supporting/ sustaining the environment, we do not change sheets during a multi day stay - unless you specifically request it. This is our way of not having to waste water (and also not charge you more for it !).