Social Responsiblity

We firmly believe in taking care of our team members and supporting the communities we operate in. We have always been thankful for what we have and believe in giving back to the communities that have operated in. The recent challenges stemming from the Covid-19 virus were no exception and the team took the opportunity to help students and families during the first and second waves in India.

Our social responsibility also incorporates our belief in sustainability. We have made conscious decisions to do things a certain way in order to support the earth and do our part to keep it going longer for the future generations. For example, we have adopted the dry (or natural) method of processing of coffee. This method does not deplete water or produce waste water or use any chemicals.
In addition, we have used modern, precision engineered, German roasters that allow the capture of "waste" during the roasting process that can then be used as fertilizer.
Once roasted and packed (we are still working on improving in the packaging space) - the packets are placed in boxes that are reused (so please dont be surprised if you find the boxes a little damaged). Also, if you buy a gift, we dont use bubble wrap to protect the precious items. We used shredded paper from our office for this purpose.
As our patron, please support us in our endeavour to be more friendly to planet earth.