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Vaishnavi Estate and our Designated Partner, Mridhul Prakash, have been in the media spotlight and the following are a links to the articles.

Stronger Flavour, Higher Yield Makes Robusta Preferred Choice For Domestic Coffee Market Over Arabica

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Vaishnavi Estate was mentioned as one of the "9 Beautiful homestays in Coorg" in a piece by  in Conde Nast Traveler. Conde Nast Traveler
Coffee Trends in India: Uncovering Brews and Flavours
FnB News - Vaishnavi Estate Coffee

An article by our Designated Partner, Mridhul Prakash was carried in Food-Drink and Innovations' blog. The title is "The coffee Revolution: A Global Expedition into Coffee's Revolution, Social Influence and Emerging Trends"

Vaishnavi Estate related article in Food Drink Innovations
"Addition to coffee a myth or reality?" Daily Hunt with mention of Vaishnavi Estate
The Great Indian Coffee Roast Battle: Robusta versus Arabica Your Story - Your life - with Vaishnavi Estate Robusta coffee

Our Designated Partner in National Coffee Day: Robusta coffee and its association with altitude

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Industry Spills The Beans On How Is India Turning Into A Coffee Loving Country

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Brewing brilliance: The benefits of adding chicory to coffee

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Robusta Beans and how they have revolutionized the coffee industry - an article by Mridhul Prakash of Vaishnavi Estate on the relevance of Robusta beans.

Thoughts of Mridhul Prakash, Vaishnavi Estate, on how customer centricity can propel a company's growth. (Top 15 Wisdom Nuggets of 2023 for Indian business landscape) Republic TV Logo

Do we really need to worry about getting addicted to coffee? - Mridhul Prakash's thoughts in Mint Lounge on whether coffee is an addiction. 

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An article on advanced coffee processing methods was written by Mridhul Prakash in Food-Drink Innovations magazine Vaishnavi Estate related article in Food Drink Innovations