Our Background

We are coffee planters from Coorg, Karnataka, India having learnt the art of coffee cultivation over the generations. You can say we have coffee in our blood (blood type = Robusta +ve). Having been involved with coffee for over a hundred years - beginning with trading and then owning coffee plantations since 1928 -  we are intimately familiar with coffee.

What prompted us to get into the retailing of coffee?

Well, its been a culmination of multiple things that got us here. But a few things really stand out.

We have always wondered why Robustas need to play second fiddle to Arabicas? We would like to give Indian Robustas its rightful place in the world (when 2/3 of all coffee produced in India are actually Robustas) !! Click here to see the comparison between Robustas and Arabicas in detail, but suffice to say that if you drink coffee to get your daily "pick me up" aka caffeine, then you certainly should be drinking the coffee which actually has more caffeine.

Why should you buy our coffee?

When you buy coffee from us, you buy quality. You buy coffee that has been lovingly nurtured by us, in our own coffee estate, a single origin, sustainably grown coffee, harvested and processed by us, roasted by us on world leading German engineered roasters, packed and sent to you fresh. We believe in sustainable farming and grow the "robust" variety of coffee (duh! - Robusta) - that doesnt require as much pesticide as the other variety. Our shade grown coffees indirectly support flora and fauna that help the environment.

Beyond the growing, even our processing follows the "Natural process". We do not use water that is typical in pulping operations. At a time when the world is suffering from a shortage of potable drinking water, even during times of excessive rains and floods, we choose not to use water for processing our beans.  These processed beans are then roasted to your choice in our world leading roaster, and ground only after you have ordered your coffee, thus making sure the freshness of the coffee is retained.

Try our coffee, we are sure you will not regret it. Look forward to your comments/feedback.

Mridhul Prakash
Designated Partner
Vaishnavi Coffees LLP