About us

Who are we? And why should you buy your daily brew from us?

We are a family (check out our history) that is passionate about Indian coffee. We believe that Indian Robustas have not received their fair share of attention, not just in India, but world over. Our goal is to bring out the benefits of Robusta - which is the major crop in the area - Coorg, Karnataka, India. We would like to change the perception of people who consider Arabica as a superior coffee, and let the world know that every coffee, like every individual, is special. You can check out the difference between coffees here.

We specialize in providing you, our patron, with shade grown, ecologically sustainable, responsibly grown coffee - grown in our plantation, harvested by hand, processed by us and even roasted in our own (world class, German) roaster and packaged to reach you fresh as ever.

While filter coffee is the most popular/preferred coffee in South India (Bangalore in particular), we would like to bring our customers' awareness to other ways of enjoying coffee - and bring to their homes the best coffee in India. We provide green coffee, roasted coffee (light, medium and dark roast) beans that can be ground to any size that our customers prefer and delivered fresh to their homes.

Our mission is to deliver the Freshest Coffee you can Buy™.