Vegan Options

At the outset, wanted to make it clear that coffee itself is a vegetarian product, however, we wanted to outline some of our beliefs that bring it more in line with the vegan thought process.

Our belief in sustainability is very much in line with those practicing the vegan lifestyle. During the entire process of manufacturing of coffee, which starts after the plucking of the beans from the plant, we do not use any animal products or even use water in the processing/ roasting of your favourite coffee. (We use the dry or natural processing method).

The vegan lifestyle is about more than just avoiding animal products. It’s about choosing foods and products that are ethically sourced and created. It’s about living sustainably so our planet, animals, and humans can thrive together.

We, at Vaishnavi Estate, believe in sustainable farming and grow the "robust" variety of coffee (duh! - Robusta). Our shade grown coffees indirectly support flora and fauna that help the environment. In order for our beliefs to be validated, we brought in an external vendor to certify us. After evaluation of our manufacturing methods we have been audited and certified as being "Vegan".