Vaishnavi Estate Stay

Conde Nast Traveller

Vaishnavi estate was selected as part of Conde Nast Traveller's "9 Beautiful Homestays in Coorg". 

After a hiatus due to Covid-19, we have opened our doors to welcome you to stay at the plantation that brings you some of the best Robusta coffees in India.

Our plantation is in Kodagu district (Coorg) in Karnataka, India. In the midst of  hardwood trees and incessant chirping of various kinds of birds, take a break with nature. Oh, and make sure you are okay for a detox from electronics. The only reason you should take your phone out must be to take pictures. Check out an aerial view of the place you will stay when you visit.



We believe in sustainable practices and when you are visiting, make sure you do not dispose any plastic in the plantation. #SayNotoPlastic.

Early morning at Vaishnavi Estate - to enjoy your finest Robusta coffee. One of the best homestays in Coorg

Our property has one of the highest ratings on Airbnb in Coorg. Check out the listing and make your bookings on the platform. The main house is also on Airbnb  -

Anyone interested in staying with us to experience the plantation lifestyle is welcome to check out the listing and making a booking on Airbnb itself.


Vaishnavi Estate Superhost on Airbnb

We have been selected as a "SuperHost" on Airbnb, a distinction awarded only to hosts who meet their stringent guidelines.

We have over 325 positive ratings from guests on Airbnb which is a testament to our patrons liking what we have to offer.

We have compiled a short list of things to do while on a 2 day trip to Coorg. Please check out this link

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