Vaishnavi Estate Homestay - one of the most beautiful homestays according to Conde Nast Traveller

Overlooking coffee plantations as far as the eye can see, the cottage in Vaishnavi estate is chipped out with tranquility and relaxation. The space has the capability of accommodating at least 4 people easily. Even 5 to 6 people can stay in the homestay at a given time.

Around the bungalow, we have a lot of greenery, courtesy the coffee plantations. Our estate blossoms are a great attraction to a variety of birds. The jostling and competition for the nectar from these flowers is a sight to remember. It's a treat for the bird lovers to sip a cup of our plantation coffee and listen to their sweet melody.

The bungalow is far away from the hustle and bustle of the city. It is located around 10kms away from the town of Virajpet, Coorg. It's an ideal destination for the individuals that carve for a break from their monotonous life in the city. Nature lovers have to try and visit the bungalow.

There are two rooms in the bungalow. For the convenience of the visitors, both the rooms have attached bathrooms. Based on the comfort of the visitors, the number of people can vary from 4 to 6. The bungalow has a swing that can be used by both children and elders to enjoy some time in the morning or in the evening.

The guests can visit the homestay in any season in the year. But it's advised to visit the place in the period October to March, as that's the period in which there wouldn't be heavy rainfalls in the region. The guests can visit many tourist places nearby too.

Post pandemic, we increased the maximum number of guests to 6, as we had a lot of enquiries for this. Our property has two queen sized beds. In the past, the guests have adjusted on the beds or asked for the extra mattresses that would be provided as per the request of the guests.

Guests Access.
You can take a hike throughout the estate early in the morning and get a good exercise. Please note that BSNL is the only network that works well. Airtel and Vodafone too are available but the coverage is spotty.

Please note that in case wifi is not available it may be due to non-availability of BSNL. Please check with the caretaker on this.

Breakfast is provided as part of the package, but for those who need arrangements for lunch or dinner - advance notice is required. Also need to let me know about veg/non-veg preference. This needs to be done ahead of time, as this is not a full time restaurant/hotel - and food would need to be purchased as required. (Eg. If the non-vegetarian in you craves the famous pandi curry). Charge is Rs. 250 for non-veg (Pandi curry on request only) Rs. 200 per head for veg.

Our guests typically eat out - since they are sight seeing or going for various activities anyways. These are typical home cooked meals - so nothing fancy. (Unless you want something fancy - you will have to let us know).

Lunch will be served latest by 2PM Dinner will be served at 9 PM. If you request a meal and are not able to make it - you will be charged for the meal. Hope you understand - we do not run a restaurant where there is 24 x 7 service - its a plantation stay.