What are the types of grinds of coffee?

The size of coffee grinds is an important factor in determining the flavor and strength of your coffee. Different brewing methods require different grind sizes to optimize extraction. Here are some common grind sizes:

Coarse Grind:

  • Appearance: Similar to breadcrumbs or rough sand.
  • Best for: Cold brew, French press, percolators.
Medium-Coarse Grind:
  • Appearance: Gritty but still somewhat coarse.
  • Best for: Chemex, Clever dripper, cafe solo brewers.
Medium Grind:
  • Appearance: Gritty texture, similar to table salt.
  • Best for: Drip coffee makers with flat-bottom filters, pour-over cones
Medium-Fine Grind:
  • Appearance: Smoother texture, finer than table salt but coarser than powdered sugar.
  • Best for: Drip coffee makers with cone-shaped filters, Aeropress.
Fine Grind:
  • Appearance: Very smooth, similar to powdered sugar.
  • Best for: Espresso machines, Moka pot.
Extra-Fine Grind:
  • Appearance: Almost powdery.
  • Best for: Turkish coffee.

Vaishnavi Estate Coffee Grind sizesIt's important to note that the names of grind sizes can vary between coffee enthusiasts and regions. Additionally, the ideal grind size can depend on personal preferences, so feel free to experiment to find the grind size that suits your taste for a particular brewing method. Adjusting the grind size can impact the rate of extraction and ultimately influence the flavor profile of your coffee.



If you are getting into coffee for the first time, its best to try the Vaishnavi Estate Medium roast coffee and opt for the moka pot grind. (assuming you have a Moka pot). It is the easiest to start with (so also is a French Press). 

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